Story Vehicle makes films with strong lead characters that can transport
a spectator to another universe. The company's mission is to shift the way people look at the world. Story vehicle wants to achieve a balance between pure entertainment and art. We want to expand the way we tell stories. Because of that, we experiment with interactive films and cinematic VR experiences.


Lesson of freedom

A group of prisoners is tasked with taming the most aggressive dogs from the shelter. For the course leader, this is the last task before he resigns. Working with dogs completely transforms one of the convicts.

Future lenght documentary in post-production.
dir. Tadeusz Chudy & Bartosz Łuniewski


Gypsy Gadji

Roksana, a bicultural Polish-Romani, could be the perfect bridge between these two cultures, but instead, she has to fight to belong to either.

Future lengh documentaty in production.
dir. Dasa Raimanova


Self concept

Nearly 24% human population experience within living widely comprehended disorders personality. 
How does a mentally ill feel? How does he perceive the world? Or maybe a division into people healthy and mentally ill doesn’t exist at all?

Cinematic VR experience in development.
Dir. Patryk Jordanowicz & Tadeusz Chudy


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